Introduction of Zarif Mossavar Company

Commitment and faith are the two main characteristics in any economic activity that can move the wheels of an industry along with experience and wisdom and use the efforts of human resources to achieve valuable goals. Now, after more than three decades of activity, more than 2500 specialized, hard-working and motivated human resources have gathered in Zarif Mosavar Industrial Production Group to bring glory in national and international arenas with their unexpectational efforts in various fields of industry.

A General View Of Zarif Mosavar Products

Today, over tens of different products and services in the collection of Zarif Mosavar factories are being produced and sent to domestic and foreign markets, only a part of which are all kinds of felt and tufting home carpets, industrial carpets, fibers, yarns, masterbatches, Industrial pigments, all kinds of industrial oils, resins and special adhesives for the textile industry, products of the geosynthetic family, including geomembranes, geocomposites, geotextiles, more than 90 different grades of polypropylene granules, various types of building insulation materials, including wall and ceiling insulation, sandwich panels and Steel decks, cut flowers, orchids and anthuriums produced in the largest and most equipped fully automatic and hydroponic greenhouse in the country with a wide variety of sleeping goods based on the trend taste of the market.

In addition to producing various products, localization of services and engineering knowledge as the current brain software in this group has been done for a long time, and now, due to the experience and real skill, the technical and engineering units of the group, provide their services to domestic and foreign customers. In the meantime, providing consultation services in the field of optimizing business processes and establishing solutions, as well as providing comprehensive services for resource planning (ERP) of the engineering organization in the construction and operation of large petrochemical and industrial power plant complexes and design, supervision and implementation of Commercial, industrial and official buildings is another part of the capabilities of Zarif Mosavar Industrial Production Group. The commitment of employees, managers, and main capital owners in this group to current national and international standards and continuous improvement and enhancement of products and services, through comprehensive process management, while using mechanized control systems and performance improvement has caused the group’s products Benefit from national and international day standards to increase their share of domestic and foreign markets through the European CE window. This important issue has recently paved the way for Zarif tufting products by obtaining the standard mark of trade and export to continental Europe that can be mentioned as an indicator for the quality of the domestic brand in competition with European competitors.

Yesterday’s Dream
Today’s Belief

Undoubtedly, preserving the value and human dignity of employees as the most valuable human capital and also customers as the most important asset along with the good views of the benefactors of the collection has caused that today the Zarif Mosavar industrial production group introduced as a clean, dynamic and productive private sector in The Islamic Republic of Iran.

The view of the founders

Ali Mohammad Rejali

Ali Mohammad Rejali, in 2017, received the badge and statue of Amin al-Zarb, which is the most prestigious economic mark in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The following are some of his views:
Experience is the only asset that will give you science and wealth at the same time. One day in one of the scientific circles, a student asked a recurring question: Is science better or wealth? I immediately answered experience!

Let’s try to be transformative in the world around us, this world is a precious opportunity that the Almighty God has given us to prove our servitude. The provision of God is a point that is not hidden from anyone, but there are great human beings who will be god’s hand in nourishment, and they are the ones who create change.

Start with the lowest, but be sure to start, moving in the direction of change will always update you, and even if it is lows in the path, be sure that the heights of the path will make you proud in the end, provided that you are always trying and be diligent, so be content, and start with every excuse that comes to your mind, no matter how small, tall and stout trees will always sprout from weak and small seedlings and seeds and grow gloriously.

Do not forget the divine destiny and providence, know that God is the illuminator of the path and the autonomy and will is from us, so look at nature and realize the truth from which you have been created with the signs of divine power, these are all graces that he with all His worthiness attributes has placed to guide us, the divine destiny for us is to have authority and to prolong life by divine providence.

Do not get bored, strive day and night to be successful, plan wisely and execute your plans wholeheartedly. Think and know that your difference with other creatures is the power of your intellect and your difference with other human beings is the way of dealing with this divine blessing.

Trust in God, He is with us in all things and is aware of all the secrets of creation, He knows what has gone and what not gone, and where you stand on this path, know that only by the remembrance of God will placate the hearts, he will save you.

Do not forget the future, we all strive for the future, so how wide-sighted you are and how much you anticipate the future is a code, today try to learn from the past to make it superior to yourself in the future, know that there will be no future from a hollow past. Someday you will realize that your future is tied to your present, so you will care more about it.

Be honest, nothing but honesty will save you from the terrible perils you will face, and this is the sweetest thing you can do to strengthen your world and the hereafter, lies will drive you to step by step in a path you never imagined, and this is one of the devil’s plans. Try and be honest, when you have no choice but to deny; You will see how God will support you with his infinite mercy.

Mostafa Tabatabaei

In the course of a lifetime if we look, we will see that opaque landscape that philosophers have called life, but what exactly is life? Life is the definition of great words such as humanity, love, equality, brotherhood, tolerance, charity, happiness from the passion of those whom God Almighty has given us the blessing to gladden. And how beautiful the poet composed, Life is the unique stage of our art and salutes to that song that people commemorate.

Since 1983, with the help of Haj Ali Mohammad Rejali, we sang the song of prosperity exuberance, and Development in Borujen, which at that time was one of the deprived areas of Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari province, with the help of honest people and the support of a respected official, and we were the first industries debuted to resolve some of the economic problems in that area. During more than 30 years background of activity, we have increased the number of our employees and personnel every day, and with the establishment of a new company and industry, we have transformed the infrastructural change in the region’s economy to the point that today Borujen is called the province’s industrial hub. The key and important point of Zarif Mosavar progress and development in Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari province is relying on the knowledge, expertise, and skills of young and often indigenous forces in various categories of workers, experts, and management, so that today Zarif Mosavar, along with production, has become a huge and operational university for implementing knowledge and transferring experiences of valuable human capital, that this path with all the current situation and what we are witnessing beside economic activity, was more of a praiseworthy endeavor against all internal and external restrictions and sanctions. To protect the tireless efforts of the people of Borujen, many measures have been taken with the support of Zarif Mosavar factories collection in this city, including the establishment of the Islamic Azad University, the establishment of Imam Zaman orphanage to create employment for the needy families, the construction of a gas station at the entrance of the city of Borujen from Isfahan, the construction of a hall for celebrations and ceremonies near the building of the Imam Zaman orphanage and allocating its income to charity and public welfare, the construction of several health houses in different areas and…

Along with this fundamental thinking, there is this real principle that all facilities, equipment, and machinery are tools to achieve the goal of success in gaining national and international Credit, which is at the disposal of personnel as its implementers, so this view and organizational thinking in factories collection has always existed that Zarif Mosavar is the bright future of its staff.