The importance of installing carpet

Carpet can be installed on any surface and there is no need to remove the bottom surface, but if our surface has up and downs, it is necessary to be evened with suitable substruction before installation. Also, carpet cutting is one of the items that require high accuracy. Measurement of cutting lines in carpet installation should be done very accurately and even millimeters should be considered. Lack of size observation will be seen obviously in the corners. Most of the time, the idea of ​​installing carpet on your own may come to your mind. Although it seems like a good idea at first glance and leads to Saving money, this action is high risk because due to incorrect installation, all the money spent on buying carpet may be wasted. In the following, we will study the advantages of using a professional installer.

Imagine a carpet whose seams are visible or has an improper cutting in the corners of the wall and even worse, it amasses underfoot when walking. This carpet, no matter how beautiful in terms of color and texture, creates a bad sight in the decoration and is actually not usable. This is where the importance of using a professional installer comes into play. But you may be wondering how to detect a professional installer? Here we introduce the characteristics of a professional installer from Zarif Mosavar’s point of view.

  • At least two years of experience in the carpet installation
  • agility in installation
  • Accuracy and delicacy in execution, especially in cutting
  • Proper substruction
  • Positive feedback from previous customers