Quality Policy of Zarif Mosavar Company

Zarif Mosavar Holding is one of the largest industrial groups in the country in line with its mission, with the focus on “preservation of national assets”, “protection of the environment”, “continuous quality improvement in all areas” and “maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction and stakeholders “, At the forefront of its activities and while committed to maintaining and upgrading the system, will always consider the following principles:

Improving and enhancing the quality of holding products and services, through comprehensive process management, the use of mechanized systems as well as controlled communication with domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers, Adherence to national and international laws and regulations related to the activities, services and products in all areas related to quality, health, safety and environment, preserving the human value and dignity of employees as the most valuable assets of the holding, through proper organization, implementation of targeted trainings, creating a suitable and safe work environment, as well as decentralization and promoting a culture of participation, Stakeholders preventing accidents, diseases, occupational injuries, waste and environmental pollution, promoting a culture of safety, health and environmental protection among all employees and beneficiary parties, prevention of accidents, diseases, occupational injuries, creating waste and environmental pollution as well as carrying out the necessary controls in this field. Management, optimization, correct and purposeful monitoring of consumption of energy and resources in order to prevent their loss. Effective management of customer complaints, according to the nine principles of the system (transparency, practical ease, accountability, taste and spectrum, spectrum, spectrum) Continuous improvement and being free in development)