Advantages of using carpet

Due to the very high variety of flooring, choosing one that fits the needs is very difficult, especially when it comes to choosing between hard and soft flooring. Although each type of flooring has unique features, carpet has irreplaceable advantages compared to hard floorings :


Have you ever noticed how tired you feel after walking on hard floors like ceramics for a few hours?

Hardwood floorings, as the name implies, have no flexibility and put a lot of pressure on the body when walking, but carpets, especially long lint carpets, are very comfortable to walk on because of their softness. In addition, it is much easier to sleep and sit on a carpeted surface. This is more important for families with children.


In general, fibers are heat insulators, and carpet is made of high-density fibers because it is an excellent insulator for heat. This feature not only prevents energy wastage, especially in cold seasons but also helps to create a pleasant feeling of walking on a warm surface.


In addition to heat insulation, carpet is also a sound insulator because carpet absorbs ambient sound, unlike hardwood floors that reflect sound. Therefore, if the carpet is used in residential or official environments, the noise pollution of the environment will be reduced significantly.


By using carpet, you can easily style your decoration because the variety of colors and textures of carpet is much more than any other type of flooring. This property of carpet makes it set with a variety of interior decoration styles from classic to modern. Carpet also plays a major role in creating a variety of senses in the interior atmosphere. For example, high lint (tufting) carpets create a feeling of comfort and warmth in the house.